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Quarta et al. European Heart Journal 2012;33:1128-36.

Clinical reports from this article

GeneExonMutationDNA ChangeProtein ChangeControlsPatient# Affected RelativesNotesMutation details
LMNA1R72Cc.214C>Tp.Arg72Cys 0/600 TFC+/-1Died at the age of 48 years from congestive heart failure Mutation details
LMNA3R190Wc.568C>Tp.Arg190Trp 0/600 TFC+1Died suddenly at age 54 Mutation details
LMNA6G382Vc.1145G>Tp.Gly382Val 0/600 TFC+2Two sibs died suddenly Mutation details
LMNA11R644Cc.1930C>Tp.Arg644Cys 0/600 TFC+1  Mutation details